Member List 2019


    MEMBER LIST 2019

    N.B: The following is the list of only "Student Members" & "Some Graduate Student Members" affiliated with IEEE AIUB Student Branch. There are also IEEE Members of other categories, who are not included on this list.

    Sl NoMember NameEmailIEEE Membership Category
    1Mohammad Nirjon Patwary[email protected]Student Member
    2Md. Yeasib Bin Hassan[email protected]Student Member
    3Md. Rakibul Hasan Rafi[email protected]Student Member
    4Sourav Chakraborty[email protected]Student Member
    5Limon Safayet[email protected]Student Member
    6Shartaz Khan Akash[email protected]Student Member
    7Manzur-E-Elahi Prokorsho[email protected]Student Member
    8Mayinuzzaman Shawon[email protected]Student Member
    9Md. Shamim Hossen[email protected]Student Member
    10Kaushik Ahmed[email protected]Student Member
    11Md. Tarek Ahmed[email protected]Student Member
    12Jahidul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    13Kushik Kumar Saha[email protected]Student Member
    14Wasik Qaium[email protected]Student Member
    15Modasir Quayum[email protected]Student Member
    16Anika Tasnim[email protected]Student Member
    17Nishat Muneer Liza[email protected]Student Member
    18Fardin Sarkar Niloy[email protected]Student Member
    19Md. Sharif Hossain[email protected]Student Member
    20Raian Shahrear[email protected]Student Member
    21Md. Akibul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    22Md. Jahid Hasan[email protected]Student Member
    23Md. Rafiuzzaman[email protected]Student Member
    24Md. Sabbir Hossain Nahin[email protected]Student Member
    25Md. Sohel Rana[email protected]Student Member
    26Pranoy Majumder[email protected]Student Member
    27Md. Korimuzzaman[email protected]Student Member
    28Apu Mondal[email protected]Student Member
    29Mostafizur Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    30Golam Mostafa Saki[email protected]Student Member
    31Rahul Paul Chowdhury[email protected]Student Member
    32Ruhul Amin[email protected]Student Member
    33Debobrata Chakraborty[email protected]Student Member
    34Khandaker Rayhan Mahmud Utsab[email protected]Student Member
    35Fahim Ashab[email protected]Student Member
    36S.M. Pramito Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    37Mir Mohibullah Sazid[email protected]Student Member
    38Rowsson Ara Hossain[email protected]Student Member
    39Mohd. Abidur Rahman Muhit[email protected]Student Member
    40Jabed Ali[email protected]Student Member
    41Mohammad Rakib Siddique[email protected]Student Member
    42H M Tahrim[email protected]Student Member
    43Md. Mohsiur Rahman Fahim[email protected]Student Member
    44Jahidul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    45Rakib Hassan Shuvo[email protected]Student Member
    46Sourav Dev Suvo[email protected]Student Member
    47Ibrahim Islam[email protected]Student Member
    48Md. Zilan Uddin Saif[email protected]Student Member
    49Mohammed Ashraful Alam Shakib[email protected]Student Member
    50Mayeen Uddin Emon[email protected]Student Member
    51Raisa Tabassum Tasin[email protected]Student Member
    52Moliat Rezuana Nancy[email protected]Student Member
    53Taslima Akter Hriday[email protected]Student Member
    54Saiful Islam Anik[email protected]
    55Fardeen Mahbub[email protected]Student Member
    56Zarif Bin Akhtar[email protected]Student Member
    57Soheli Akhter[email protected]Student Member
    58Tanim Ahmed[email protected]Student Member
    59Md. Ismail Hossain[email protected]Student Member
    60Sayed Hasan Murad[email protected]
    61Md. Touhidul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    62Argho Das[email protected]Student Member
    63Abdur Rahim[email protected]Student Member
    64Meer Shadman Saeed[email protected]Student Member
    65Omer Fahim Fatemi[email protected]Student Member
    66Ahmed Rijvee[email protected]Student Member
    67Ekramul Hasan[email protected]Student Member
    68Md. Shahriar Mahmud[email protected]Student Member
    69Joydeb Kumar Sarker[email protected]Student Member
    70Ashiquzzaman[email protected]Student Member
    71Sohana Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    72Abdur Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    73Tohidul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    74Afsara Tasnim[email protected]Student Member
    75Elora Majumder Badhon[email protected]Student Member
    76Shakibul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    77Sadman Sakib Rafat[email protected]Student Member
    78Taharat Tazrin[email protected]Student Member
    79Rubaiat Khan[email protected]Student Member
    80Chondra Bikash[email protected]Student Member
    81Shahrin Binte Ali[email protected]Student Member
    82Mohammad Sayem Chowdhury[email protected]Student Member
    83Md. Shahriar Shazzad Shawon[email protected]Student Member
    84Md. Abdul Kader Siddique[email protected]Student Member
    85Md. Mahedi Hassan[email protected]Student Member
    86Mehedi Hasan Babu[email protected]Student Member
    87Sarawat Murtaza Sara[email protected]Student Member
    88Md. Farhan Navid[email protected]Student Member
    89Fahim Fayaz[email protected]Student Member
    90Sanjoy Paul[email protected]Student Member
    91Tarit Barua[email protected]Student Member
    92A. S. M. Mehedi Hasan Sad[email protected]Student Member
    93Mohammed Samiul Mostafiz[email protected]Student Member
    94Abdullah Al Noman[email protected]Student Member
    95Pritom Kumar Sarkar[email protected]gmail.comStudent Member
    96Umme Humira Dina[email protected]Student Member
    97Abdul Aziz[email protected]Student Member
    98Eshtiak Ahmed Emon[email protected]Student Member
    99Md. Maksudur Rahman Numan[email protected]Student Member
    100Akhter Aysha[email protected]Student Member
    101Yousuf Mohiuddin[email protected]Student Member
    102Md. Yeasir Arafat[email protected]Student Member
    103Riamoni[email protected]Student Member
    104Mst. Masuma Khanam[email protected]Student Member
    105Md. Ashikuzzaman Redoy[email protected]Student Member
    106Saqibur Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    107Md. Tawsif Haque[email protected]Student Member
    108Shahnawaz Sazid[email protected]Student Member
    109Md. Kamrul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    110Syed Shah Sufi Azmat Ullah[email protected]Student Member
    111Sanam Sunder Chakroborty[email protected]Student Member
    112S. M. Tamanna Boosra[email protected]Student Member
    113Md. Shahriar Azad Nayeem[email protected]Student Member
    114Alve Rahman Akash[email protected]Student Member
    115Pranta Saha[email protected]Student Member
    116Subrotho Bhandari Abhi[email protected]Student Member
    117Rezaul Haque Suny[email protected]Student Member
    118Jannatul Nayim Chowdhury[email protected]Student Member
    119Arajit Saha[email protected]Student Member
    120Md. Aman Miah[email protected]Student Member
    121Rahat Ahamed Shawon[email protected]Student Member
    122Md. Tohidul Alam Anik[email protected]Student Member
    123Sumaia Rupa[email protected]Student Member
    124Md. Ajharul Islam Miraj[email protected]Student Member
    125Mohammed Asaf-Ud-Doulah[email protected]Student Member
    126Mashrur Sakib Choyon [email protected]Student Member
    127Jobayer Ibne Azad[email protected]Student Member
    128Tasnim Ahmed[email protected]Student Member
    129MD. MINHAJUL AZMIR[email protected]Student Member
    130Md.Farhanul Abed[email protected]Student Member
    131Farabee Khalid[email protected]Student Member
    132MD EYASIN RAHMAN[email protected]Student Member
    133MD RAHAT AZAD[email protected]Student Member
    134Md Jalal Uddin[email protected]Student Member
    135Eshrat Jahan Muniya[email protected]Student Member
    136Md. Shahriar Khan Hemel[email protected]Student Member
    137Md. Nafiur Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    138Md. Minhazul Abedin[email protected]Student Member
    139Md. Anisur Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    140Naymul Bari[email protected]Student Member
    141Tamanna Dewan Mim[email protected]Student Member
    142Mst. Arefin Aktar[email protected]Student Member
    143Md. Mohaiminul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    144Dewan Mahnaaz Mahmud[email protected]Student Member
    145Raihanul Haque[email protected]Graduate Member
    146Romana Alam[email protected]Young Professional
    147Runa Laila[email protected]Graduate Member
    148MD. ABU SUFIAN[email protected]Young Professional
    149Kashfia Tajmim Nabila[email protected]Graduate Member
    150Khalid Ibne Hasan[email protected]Student Member
    151Mohd. Hamim[email protected]Graduate Member
    152Shahriar Siraj Khan[email protected]Student Member
    153MD. TAUHIDUR RAHMAN[email protected]Student Member
    154Md.Mhabubur Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    155S. M. Habibul Mursaleen[email protected]Student Member
    156Md. Tamzidul Alam[email protected]Student Member
    157M. M Nabil[email protected]Student Member
    158Al Jamy Abu Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    159Md. Irteza Faizy[email protected]Student Member
    160Farzana Nowshin[email protected]Student Member
    161Md. Zubaer Bin Haider[email protected]Student Member
    162Shafayet Bin Shams[email protected]Student Member
    163Mashrur Khan Tonmoy[email protected]Student Member
    164Mehrab Hossain Sharan[email protected]Student Member
    165Md. Suny Jubair Khan Himel[email protected]Student Member
    166Sanjida Akter[email protected]Student Member
    167Sk. Golam Mahmud[email protected]Student Member
    168Niloy Goswami[email protected]Student Member
    169Khadija Yeasmin Fariya[email protected]Student Member
    170Sauda Musharrat[email protected]Student Member
    171Antu Mondal[email protected]Student Member
    172Yasmin Sultana Rupa[email protected]Student Member
    173Md. Khademul Rashedin[email protected]Student Member
    174Adwaita Roy Sagar[email protected]Student Member
    175Md. Arifur Rahman Moon[email protected]Student Member
    176Md. Fahim Hossain[email protected]Student Member
    177Md. Alrabit Shuvo Ahmed[email protected]Student Member
    178Nafisa Tabassum Navia[email protected]Student Member
    179Tanjum Naeem Kongkon[email protected]Student Member
    180Ahnaf Tahmid[email protected]Student Member
    181Mahnaj Parvin[email protected]Student Member
    182 Alif Islam[email protected]Student Member
    183Md. Fahim Shahriyar[email protected]Student Member
    184Tahajjod Bhuiya[email protected]Student Member
    185Rafsun Huda Nabil[email protected]Student Member
    186Sarowar Hossain[email protected]Student Member
    187Munshi Moshihud Hossain[email protected]Student Member
    188Sujit Das Suvro[email protected]Student Member
    189Md. Ehasan Ul Haque[email protected]Student Member
    190Iram Hasan[email protected]Student Member
    191Pallab Biswas[email protected]Student Member
    192Mehedee Hasan[email protected]Student Member
    193Shilpi Meem[email protected]Student Member
    194Tubaishi Rubab Tushi[email protected]Student Member
    195Fahim Abrar[email protected]Student Member
    196Fairuz Misha[email protected]Student Member
    197Subarna Mustafa Brishti[email protected]Student Member
    198Md. Istieak Mahir[email protected]Student Member
    199Md. Tanvir Hossain Chowdhury[email protected]Student Member
    200Afrin Binte Anwar[email protected]Student Member
    201Md. Mustafizur Rahman[email protected]Student Member
    202Tanzima Zahir Aurthy[email protected]Student Member
    203Md. Azizul Hoque Sojun[email protected]Student Member
    204Umama Farah[email protected]Student Member
    205Md. Touhidul Islam[email protected]Student Member
    206Nushrah Nourin Nazmi[email protected]Student Member
    207Asif Iqbal[email protected]Student Member
    208Md Mostak Shahriar[email protected]Student Member
    209Md. Imran Hossain[email protected]Student Member
    210Md. Jamil Istiaq[email protected]Student Member
    211Md. Rezwan Hossain Naeem[email protected]Student Member
    212Khadija Kubra Shahjalal Hoque[email protected]Student Member
    213Mehrab Hossain Shhab[email protected]Student Member