IEEE IA-S AIUB Student Branch Chapter Industrial Tour to Ghorashal Power Station

On 12th March, 2016, IEEE IAS AIUB Student Branch Chapter successfully organized its second industrial tour of the year to the Ghorsashal Power Station, Narshingdi. The industrial tour was led by Mr. Shuvra Saha, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, Mr. Kazi Ahmed Asif Fuad, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB,  MR. Shameem Ahmad, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, and Mr. Koushik Sikder, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, with 46 enthusiastic engineering students.

On arrival to the site the students and faculty members were welcomed by Mr. Kshirod Mohan Bose, Assistant Chief Engineer, Ghorashal Power Station,  and also received a brief on the Power Station. Later the students and faculty members were divided into two groups, each lead by an assistant engineer. The students were shown the working principle of the power station, the working function of the primary and auxiliary equipment, the protective and measuring elements of the substation and much more, and later a token of appreciation was given by Mr. Kazi Ahmed Asif Fuad to Mr. Kshirod Mohan Bose, and thus concluding the tour giving the students wonderful insight on the Power Station that would help them in the future.