IEEE AIUB Student Branch successfully organizes a webinar on Getting Started with Image Processing using Python

On 24th April 2020, IEEE AIUB Student Branch in collaboration with the IEEE Computer Society AIUB Student Branch Chapter and Pondit successfully organized a webinar titled ‘Getting Started with Image Processing using Python’. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, when everyone is locked down in their homes, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch, in celebration of ‘PES Day 2020’ organized the webinar through the CISCO WEBEX MEETING platform. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Saddam Hossain, CEO, Centureon IT; Co-Founder Edwin which mainly focused on the importance of digital image processing and how Python Language can be used to achieve it. The webinar was inaugurated by Mashrur Sakib Choyon, Vice-Chairperson (Technical), IEEE AIUB SB who mainly talked about the rules and regulations along with the etiquettes that must be followed by the participants throughout the webinar.


­­After that, Mr. Saddam Hossain started the session by sharing his educational and professional background along with his experience in the field of Image Processing to the audience. Then he discussed the computer vision and face recognition process along with the ways that computers follow for understanding the images and videos. He then gave a detailed theoretical idea regarding Python Language along with its importance in science and also talked about some of its commonly used library tools. Later, he discussed the usage and necessity of single-shot detection & deep learning technology that is commonly used in modern image processing. Afterward, he elaborately discussed the algorithm modules of OpenCV which is a cross-platform library with the help of which real-time computer vision applications can be developed.


Consequently, he talked about various levels of Image Processing including their input and output levels. He also spoke briefly about the classification of Computer Vision Tasks and Machine Learning along with their importance. Mr. Hossain then emphasized the wide range of applications of Image Processing Techniques in Biotechnology sectors, Traffic Monitoring systems, and many more including their operations. Later, he motivated the audience for considering this sector as a career due to its gradual advancements from time to time. Mr. Saddam Hassan concluded his presentation with an interactive Question-Answer session where he efficiently answered all the questions from the participants.


After that, Mashrur Sakib Choyon delivered the concluding speech where he expressed his wholehearted gratitude towards the honorable speaker and all participants for their valuable participation in the webinar. Lastly, he concluded by urging the participants for filling-up the feedback form for pointing out the factors where IEEE AIUB Student Branch can ameliorate in organizing such events in the future. The event was graced by the presence of a total of 96 participants and everyone was provided with the Certificate of Participation for their enthusiastic engagement in the webinar.