COVID-19 has now become one of the most feared diseases that is spreading at an enormous rate throughout the whole world. Even in Bangladesh, its transmission had begun, and thus the country is being served to a lockdown for an unspecified time. Keeping that in mind, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch took the initiative of getting the updates of its fellow members currently staying in different locations throughout the whole country.


As per the agenda which was being set during the Executive Committee meeting that held online on 9th April 2020, the motto behind this bold initiative was to create a database consisting of all the desired information including the current location of the fellow members. In addition, during the meeting, Asaf-Ud-Doulah, Chairperson, IEEE AIUB SB, Mashrur Sakib Choyon, Vice-Chairperson (Technical), IEEE AIUB SB and Shahriar Siraj Khan, Vice-Chairperson (Activity), IEEE AIUB SB also instructed the executives to discover the health condition of our student members including their family along with complications they are facing due to this countrywide lockdown for COVID-19 pandemic.


Consequently, on 10th April 2020, Mashrur Sakib Choyon gave elaborate instructions to all executives regarding the process of collecting all required data of the members. In addition, he explained the process of creating a map pinpointing the locations of all members of the Student Branch. Later on, all the executive committee members successfully communicated with all 320+ student members of the Student Branch through phone calls and recorded all the required information which was being assigned. Moreover, the executives also talked with the members regarding the upcoming events of the branch which will take place once the situation gets healed and answered the queries from the fellow members.


Later on, the executives carried out the task of creating the Database with the help of which Student members, Graduate members, Professional members, Faculty members, Executives and Volunteers of IEEE AIUB SB can be easily identified differently. To be precise, the locations of the fellow members were marked ‘GREEN’, the Executive Committee members and Volunteers were marked ‘BLUE’, along with the members who got stuck in this lockdown and could not get home were marked ‘YELLOW’.  Also, the members who have tested positive with COVID-19 were marked ‘RED’ on the map. The map of this highly enriched database was created with the assistance of the MAPFLING website, which can be easily viewed by the members of the branch.


Link of the map-