IEEE AIUB Student Branch organized the Fifth Episode of the online live show “An Hour with The Volunteers”

To engage IEEE members all across the world during this worldwide catastrophe, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch took the audacious initiative of organizing a weekly live show titled “An Hour with The Volunteers”, which is set to be held on every Friday at 10 PM (GMT +06). After attaining a huge response and inspiring feedbacks from the fellow viewers in the previous four episodes; on 19th June 2020, the fifth episode of the weekly live show was broadcasted on the official Facebook page of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch, which was powered by the StreamYard Online Streaming platform. The live show was arranged to enjoy at the comfort of everyone’s residence during this inescapable lockdown situation due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. The live show was hosted by Fardeen Mahbub, Publication Coordinator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Secretary, IEEE EMBS AIUB SB Chapter and the guest speaker was Mr. Zaheed Sabur, Principal Engineer; Director, Google who is a very popular figure among the young generation of Bangladesh due to his tremendous achievement in this young age at one of the world’s leading technological companies, Google.

The show started with the greeting and a welcoming speech from the host. He informed the fellow viewers about the initiative and purpose of organizing the live show for the first time in the history of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch. Then, the host introduced the respected guest to everyone, and consequently, the guest thanked the student branch for inviting him with such honor in the live show. He also conveyed his excitement for joining this show on his weekend. He talked about the current situation of Switzerland and the responsible deportment of the citizens for which they could take control over the pandemic of COVID-19.

In the beginning, the guest talked about his student life before the undergrad admission where he was fond of studying math and physics only. He also said the reason for getting admitted to a private university due to his low GPA and mentioned his life at AIUB as a turning point which had provided the chance of rebuilding himself again. He shared the amazing memories of his campus life and also mentioned the faculty members whom he still admires. He suggested the juveniles to work with their passion after figuring out what they are good at. He also shared that he had always focused on learning new things which led him towards the glorious achievements of his life.  After getting motivated by some faculty members, he started to take part in the programming competitions to develop his problem-solving skills and shared his enjoyment regarding these competitions.

After that, Mr. Zaheed shared his first experience of the interview at Google. He said that after joining Google, he took time for coping up with the new environment and focused on learning new things faster which ultimately brought him in this position. He also added his key responsibilities as a Principal Engineer & Director at Google followed by his plans regarding voice interface to have a manual future. Then, he portrayed his experiences as a Founder and Engineering lead of creating the prototype and launching of Google assistant followed by Google smart-display along with other Google infrastructures.

He emphasized on the communication skills and efficiency in teamwork other than programming for attaining a successful career. He told the interested viewers to learn new things, gain problem-solving skills and to build up an excellent resume for working with superior companies like Google. He also talked about the benefits of leadership skills which teaches an individual to think about the team rather than himself and helps someone to become a better person. He concluded with his opinion that people can also contribute to their country even after staying abroad; if they are happy with their job and living style.

Then, the guest finally participated in a quick game of rapid-fire where the host asked him a series of questions in a quick manner and this session is the most fascinating part of the show for all the audiences. For making this live show more associated with the viewers, a bunch of questions had been taken from the audience throughout the show and the guest also answered those professionally. The guest finally concluded by inspiring everyone to stay safe and keep connections with people during this global crisis. In the end, the host thanked all the viewers for watching the show and concluded by informing them regarding the upcoming episode of the live show in the next week. This episode was the most highly anticipated version of the Live Show till now, with a huge response of 36k+ views.