On Wednesday, September 28th, 2022, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch successfully organized a seminar session titled “Bangladesh at Space and James Webb Space Telescope.” The session focused on the current state of Bangladesh in the space industry, a brief discussion about the “Bangabandhu Satellite-1”, and the noteworthy James Webb Space Telescope.

Nafiz Ahmed Chisty, Advisor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Associate Professor; Head (Undergraduate Program), Department of EEE, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, inaugurated the session. He greeted everyone and thanked the IEEE AIUB Student Branch for organizing the event. He briefly talked about satellites and their importance. He also mentioned that he was pleased to see the speaker as he was an alumnus of AIUB. The speaker Md Al Imran Sarkar, Assistant Manager (Satellite Control Engineer), Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited (BSCL), greeted and thanked everyone for joining the session. Then he introduced Himself and shared some stories from his experience working with Thales Alenia Space in France for the training of Bangabandhu Satellite – 1. After the introduction, he discussed the Bangabandhu satellite – 1. There was a discussion about types of satellites, satellite architecture, design, types of equipment, purpose, and the working principles of Bangabandhu Satellite – 1. Then he took some queries from the audience for the BS1 discussion. After the Q&A, he began his presentation on the James Webb space telescope (JWST). He talked about electromagnetic spectrums, infrared waves, and how JWST uses its hexagonal mirrors and infrared cameras to capture breathtaking pictures of interstellar space. In the end, he did another Q&A session on the JWST and ended his speech.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan, Advisor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Director, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, to deliver the ending speech. He explained that satellite communication is a promising sector of Communication Engineering, and he also mentioned that it is a good job sector. After he finished his speech, he gave the speaker a token of appreciation. In the end, a photo session was arranged, which concluded the session.

The event was attended by 50+ attendees, including students, faculty, executives, and volunteers.