On 28th August 2021, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group successfully organized the webinar session titled “Personal Branding and Industrial Influence” in collaboration with the IEEE AIUB Student Branch. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, when everyone is locked down in their homes, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group organized this webinar session through the ZOOM Meeting platform. The major focus of this webinar was on the key and concise ideas of corporate cultures, personal skill development, and leadership development. 


The webinar was hosted by Nova, Fahmida AkterPublications Coordinator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch. The host started the webinar by welcoming the participants and gave a short introduction of the webinar’s topic; as well as informed the etiquettes that participants were advised to follow throughout the session.


The session was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. ABM Siddique HossainDean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB; Advisor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; who welcomed the honorable Speaker Afrina Nazneen and also the participants. Mr. Hossain talked about personal branding and influences in short. He also discussed how personal branding can be useful to represent individuals in any new work environment. Then Prof. Dr. ABM Siddique Hossain thanked the honorable speaker for joining this event and also thanked IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group for taking this bold initiative of organizing such an informative session.


The session was started with the opening remarks from the speaker Afrina Nazneen; Officer Culture and Employer Branding; Berger Paints Bangladesh LtdThe honorable speaker started the session by showing her gratitude towards Prof. Dr. ABM Siddique Hossain, IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group, and the participants. The speaker started her presentation by introducing herself and Berger Paint Bangladesh Limited and some of their products. With examples, she discussed personal branding and why it is important based on her personal experience. She also added how personal branding is done and how to brand oneself in a new environment or in a job interview. 


Later, Afrina Nazneen discussed self-development and the four types of communication which are Verbal, Non-Verbal, Written, and Visual in brief. Next, the speaker demonstrated the important things to incorporate to build a good resume. She shared some of her experience with verbal and non-verbal communication too and discussed how a proper LinkedIn Profile can enhance one’s job opportunity. 


Finally, Afrina Nazneen concluded her speech by providing some job interview tips and a universal competency framework.


Afterward, there was an interactive question-and-answer session, during which the speaker effectively addressed all of the questions asked by the participants.


Later, Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur RahmanAssociate Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB; Advisor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; took the platform and presented the token of appreciation to the honorable speaker. And then he gave the concluding speech where he appreciated the initiative taken by the student branch to organize this webinar session and thanked the honorable speaker.


The session was graced by the presence of 90+ registered participants and students from different universities along with executive branch members and volunteers.