On 20th June 2021, Banglalink organized a great event titled “Banglalink- Learn from Startups” in collaboration with the IEEE AIUB Student Branch, ANTT Robotics Ltd, AUW Entrepreneurship Club, MIST Career Club.

This auspicious event provided the participants the opportunity to create an educational platform for individuals, transforming high-potential students into leaders of the next generation. The growth of entrepreneurs and innovation seekers passionate about their dormancy is a wonderful opportunity. This is why the IEEE AIUB Student Branch offered individuals the potential, through the study and training of specialists and fresh spirits, to develop an educational platform for individuals with innovation capability, to turn students with high capacity into leaders of the future generation. This has been an enormous chance for growth and development towards leading roles in the startup industry.

ANTT Robotics Ltd is a technology startup working on robotics and IoT solutions for transforming industries and STEM education to lead the shift towards the fourth industrial revolution. The speaker of the event Thajid Ibna Rouf, Uday completed his BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from United International University, Bangladesh. He is the Founder and Director of ANTT Robotics, responsible for product development and planning business operations of the company. This year, Banglalink has decided to develop a learning module for students with ANTT Robotics. Thajid Ibne Rouf (Uday); Founder and director of ANTT Robotics LTD; has comprised 2 sessions that covered design thinking,prototype building, investor pitch, client management, idea generation, and many more.

The students attending both sessions have also been awarded an e-certificate.