On 11th February 2021, IEEE AIUB Student Branch successfully organized a webinar titled “Cyber Crime” in collaboration with Dhaka Round Table, Dhaka Metro Round Table and supported by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Bangladesh Police. The webinar was hosted on the online platform Zoom Meetings. The event mainly focused on the young juveniles to aware the possible harassments through cybercrime by any kinds of spam or other means, the necessary steps they can take if once facing any kind of harassment. The webinar was inaugurated by Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan, Director, Faculty of Engineering, American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). He expressed his gratitude towards the speaker, the participants, and the organizing committee.

After the inauguration, Siddhant Gupta took the floor and thanked the entire organizing committee for organizing a very informative and impactful webinar session. He also appreciated the workflow management of CID for the rapid action against the malpractice of cybercrime. Next, the speaker of the webinar session, Mahmudul Islam Talukdar  took the platform. He described the concept of cybercrime along with the most common approaches of cyber related crime and threats.  He narrated different real-life scenarios regarding cybercrime which includes blackmail and cyberbullying, hacking, rumor, phishing, cyber terrorism, fake ID and many more in Bangladesh.  He also pointed out the accelerating rates of child pornography in our country as well as advised to report immediately at the verified police Facebook Page at “Cyber Police Center”. He shared different ant cybercrime institutions and NGOs for taking necessary steps to prevent cybercrime and aid the victims to recover. He then encouraged everyone to gather more knowledge and stay aware regarding the pros and cons of the cyber related crime for the betterment of yourselves and our family members. Afterwards, Md. Rezaul Masud, Special Superintendent of Police, Cyber Police Centre, CID, Bangladesh Police initiated the session with the impacts of the cybercrimes in Bangladesh. He then explained the importance of a strong password and 2 factor authentications. Near the end of his speech, the speaker mentioned other categories of hacking like antivirus, malware, and unreliable employees.  After that, there was a question-answer session where the speaker answered the questions asked by the participants.

Afterwards, Ejaj Mahmood Rony, Commissioner Officer, Dhaka Metro Round Table took the platform and shared his remarks. He thanked the participants for attending the webinar session and also suggested to pave their career towards cybersecurity and contribute themselves for the noble deed of humanity.  The closing speech was delivered by Dr. Mohammad Hasan Imam, Counselor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Advisor, IEEE EMBS AIUB SB Chapter; Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, who thanked the speaker for his valuable time and the participants for their participation in this webinar. He also thanked the organizing committee for organizing this successful event.