On 22nd December 2020, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, organized a webinar session on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) titled ‘Functional Safety on Advanced Driver Assistance System’ on the virtual platform Google Meet. The webinar mainly focused on the Advanced Driver Assistance System with the allocation of its functional safety in the digitalized frame of reference and to point out the gaps and missing topics that have to be recorded in specifications to provide a safe operation of tomorrow’s vehicles. The session was conducted by one of the esteemed professionals of this sector, Marzana Khatun, Engineering Researcher, Kempten University of Applied Science.

The session’s opening remarks were delivered by DR. A.B.M. Siddique Hossain, Advisor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, where he discussed the frequent road accidents occurring in Bangladesh and emphasized the session’s topic. Afterward, he talked about the necessity of ADAS in Bangladesh while also encouraging the students to learn such technologies for adopting the challenge of advanced technology.

Ms. Marzana Khatun started her presentation by talking about her research work. Then she presented a video on ADAS and portrayed the ideas of functional safety. Afterward, she briefly discussed the Advance Driver Assistance System concept and highlighted different levels of ADAS. She then discussed her work experience in Germany on this emerging sector and shared her experience as a mentor on Functional Safety. Afterward, she emphasized the importance of ADAS as a professional career. Near the end of her presentation, Ms. Khatun discussed the design of safety models for customers and their verification and validation. After the session, she had clarified all the participants’ queries through an interactive Question-Answer session on this relevant topic.

Finally, the session was terminated with the concluding remarks from Tasnuva Tasneem, Motivator & WIE Coordinator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB. In her speech, she appreciated the way of enlightening the Speaker and her well-delivered informative presentation. She ended the session by thanking the IEEE AIUB Student Branch organizing committee for arranging such a delightful event. The session was graced by the presence of Kawshik Shikder, Motivator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, and 65 registered participants.