On 04th December 2020, IEEE AIUB Student Branch, in collaboration with the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) AIUB Student Branch Chapter successfully organized the first Distinguished lecture session titled ‘Analog photonic systems: features & techniques to optimize performance’ of the Lecture Series Wonders of Electromagnets using the virtual platform ZOOM Meeting. The lecture session focused on the advantages and other analog photonic features and explained multiple techniques for optimizing their performance.

The session was inaugurated by DR. A.B.M. Siddique Hossain, Honorable Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB; Advisor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch where he appreciated the speaker for his graceful participation in the session and gave a brief introduction on Analog photonic system and also highlighted the ways Electromagnetic sector has developed compared to the past through the means of research and innovation. The session was hosted by Md. Ashif Islam Oni, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, and was conducted by Edward I. Ackerman, Vice President, R & D for Photonic Systems, Inc. of Billerica, Massachusetts.

Mr. Ackerman initiated his lecture by showing his gratitude towards the IEEE AIUB Student Branch as well as the session participants and introduced the contents of the sessions. He then discussed the working principle and details about broadband antenna systems and showed diagrams of receivers for broadband antennas. Mr. Ackerman then talked about Atacama Large Millimeter Array & US Navy Destroyer with antennas atop masts operating at 50MHz. He then described the photonic links for antenna remoting and typical attenuation for silica-based optical fiber while also talking about the digital and analog photonic links. In his speech, Mr. Ackerman gave different examples of Microwave Photonic techniques for high-power interferers’ Suppression. He described how the transmit-isolating photonic receive link works and talked about analog photonic down conversion.

Afterward, he explained how the amplifier fewer microwave photonic link gains and conventional external modulation links. Among many things, Mr. Ackerman shared details about the inherently broadband linearized modulator, preliminary measurement to verify frequency invariance of v(pie) ratio, and discussed how the performance of analog photonic links could be improved while telling how antenna remoting is an interesting and challenging work. Mr. Ackerman concluded his speech by talking about the MTT-S Co-sponsored Conference: MWP that takes place every year. He concluded with an interactive Question-Answer session where he cleared the doubts of the fellow participants.

The concluding speech was delivered by Dr. Mohammad Hasan Imam, Counselor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, where he appreciated the speaker and his well-delivered lecture. He ended the session by thanking the speaker for his participation and the executive committee for arranging such a delightful event. The session was graced by the presence of Kawshik Shikder, Motivator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB and 85 registered participants.