To engage IEEE members all across the world during this global pandemic of COVID-19, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch took the bold initiative of organizing a weekly live show titled “An Hour with The Volunteers”; which is set to be held on every Friday at 10 PM (GMT +06). The third episode of this weekly live show was held on 5th June 2020. The Live show was broadcasted on the official Facebook page of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch and was powered by the StreamYard online streaming platform. The live show was arranged for everyone to enjoy at the comfort of their homes, during this inevitable situation of Home Quarantine. The live show was hosted by Fardeen Mahbub, Publication Coordinator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Secretary, IEEE EMBS AIUB SB Chapter and the guest speaker was Almeer Ahsan Asif, Manager and Lead Faculty, Leadership Development and Teaching Team, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC); Online Instructor, BYLCx; Former Chairperson (2012-2013), IEEE AIUB Student Branch. The live show started with the greetings from the host who informed the fellow viewers about the bold initiatives and purpose of organizing the show, for the first time in the history of IEEE AIUB Student Branch. Consecutively, the host introduced the speaker to everyone. At the end of the introductory talk, the guest joined the Live Show and thanked the student branch wholeheartedly; for inviting him.

Firstly, the guest started to talk about his student life and described the kind of nature he used to possess as a student. He also shared the reason for choosing engineering as a field of study; which was due to his expertise in mathematics and physics, along with the positive feedback from his parents. He talked about his nostalgic moments in the old campus of AIUB with his friends, faculties and the members of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch. He also shared the great experience of his Executive Education on Art and Practice of Leadership Development at Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education; where he got the opportunity of meeting people from all around the globe and learned a lot about leadership training on practical scenarios.

After that, the speaker talked about his professional life. He shared his experiences of teaching students while he used to work as a fellow, in the Teach for Bangladesh program. While sharing his thoughts regarding leadership, he stated that leadership itself has a dynamic definition that encourages the ability to communicate and solve problems. He discussed his beliefs in diversity and eagerness to keep himself updated with the technological advancement of the world. He talked about the privilege of learning from different peers and developing new skills, while he was involved with BYLC. He advised to point out the strengths and weaknesses of an individual at first and then try to eradicate the obstacles which lead to development towards the goal. Mr. Almeer Ahsan Asif shared his challenging experiences of arranging many innovative and creative events to gather more student members for the IEEE AIUB Student Branch, as the Chairperson from 2012 to 2013. He also talked about the ample benefits of volunteering works while pursuing a professional life. He ended the session by conveying his motivation towards the current volunteers of IEEE from different student branches. He also suggested the members to get engaged with different kinds of tasks through self-motivation.

Later, the speaker took part in a Rapid-Fire session where the host asked him a series of questions in a quick manner. To make the live show more interactive, questions had been taken from the viewers throughout the show and the guest replied to all the questions while clearing the doubts of the audience. Lastly, the guest conveyed his concluding speech by thanking everyone for attending his session. In the end, the host concluded the show by thanking the viewers for watching the show and also informed them about the upcoming episode of the Live Show next week. The show was a successful one with a huge response of over 3500 views.