“An Hour with The Volunteers


Amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch took the undaunted initiative of organizing a weekly live show titled “An Hour with The Volunteers”; for the IEEE members to enjoy at the comfort of their residence. The live show is set to be held on every Friday at 10 PM (GMT+6), broadcasting on the official Facebook page of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch & powered by StreamYard online streaming platform. After getting a huge response in the past three episodes, on 12th June 2020 the fourth episode of the live show was streamed. The live show was hosted by Yea Laila Hossain Onti, Volunteer, IEEE AIUB Student Branch and the guest speaker of the show was Fakrul Islam Tushar, Post-Graduate Research Associate, Duke University School of Medicine; Former Research Intern, Duke University; Former Chapters & Affinity Groups Development Chair, IEEE AIUB Student Branch. The show started with the greeting and a welcoming speech from the host. She informed the fellow viewers about the purpose of organizing the live show. Additionally she mentioned how everyone will be benefitted by gathering knowledge about the professional and volunteering experiences of the guest. After that, the host introduced the honorable guest to everyone and consequently the guest thanked the student branch for inviting him in the show. He started the session by conveying his sympathy towards the devastating situation of his current residence in USA and also shared his opinion with the hope of everything getting back to normal.

In the beginning, the speaker started to talk about his student life before his undergraduate admission and university life. He talked about the reason for his choosing engineering at AIUB because of its well-known reputation for the department of EEE. He shared about the nostalgic moments of his academic years at the old campus of AIUB. He also conveyed his gratitude towards the faculty members and mentioned some of their names; whom he still admires. After that, the guest described the feeling of being able to achieve the “Dean’s Award” due to their devotion, hardworking, and a fixed determination for their Capstone project. He emphasized on the proper distribution of work and good communication among the team members, as an important factor for achieving such a landmark. He also talked about the turning point where he found an interest in machine learning, deep learning and neural networks related to medical imaging during his Master’s in Medical Imaging and Applications. He descriptively informed the audience about the requirements and procedures in order to obtain the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, as he is one of the recipients of this prestigious scholarship. He asked everyone to follow their passion and contribute to the society. Then, he talked about his responsibilities in helping the doctors to identify multiple diseases and creating real-life medical data as a Post-Graduate Research Associate at the Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories (RAI Labs) of Duke University Medical Center, USA. He described his experience of the joint master’s program at three different universities and shared the story of getting an offer to join as a Research Associate in the Duke University Medical Center, USA. Mr. Fakrul Islam Tushar mentioned IEEE AIUB Student Branch as a big part of his university life; where he had learned about multi-tasking and interacting with people in the professional sector. He also shared his memories of campaigning with innovative ideas as the Chapters and Affinity Groups Development Chair of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch in order to gather more members in the newly opened IEEE Computer Society, AIUB Student Branch Chapter

The guest finally responded to a series of fast sequenced questions asked by the host, which was the most fascinating part of the show for all of the participants. To make the session more interactive, several questions had been taken from the audiences throughout the show, which the guest answered professionally. After that, the guest advised everyone for developing new skills and gather knowledge in order to improve leadership qualities. In the end, the host thanked all the viewers for watching the show and concluded by informing them regarding the upcoming episode of the live show in the next week. The show was a successful one with a huge response and the support of 6.9K views in total; which marked the highest in all four episodes.