To engage IEEE members all across the globe during this global crisis, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch took the bold initiative of organizing weekly live shows titled “An Hour with The Volunteers” that is set to be held on every Friday at 10 PM (GMT +06). On 22nd May 2020, the inaugurating episode of the weekly live show was broadcasted on the official Facebook page of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch and was powered by the StreamYard platform. The live show was arranged to enjoy at the comfort of everyone’s home during this unavoidable lockdown situation for the global pandemic of COVID-19. The live show was hosted by Mashrur Sakib Choyon, Vice-Chairperson (Technical), IEEE AIUB Student Branch and the guest speaker for the very first episode was Nasim Al Islam, Ph.D. Student, Electromagnetic System and Physics Lab, University of Ulsan, South Korea; Lecturer (on study leave), Dept. of EEE, AIUB; IEEE Volunteer, and VOLT Graduate(2018).

The live show started with the greeting and welcome speech from the host who informed the viewers about the initiatives of organizing this live show for the first time in the history of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch. Later, he informed all the viewers about the purpose and nature of the show and how the fellow viewers will get benefitted from this hourly talk. After that, the host introduced the guest to everyone. Consequently, the guest thanked the student branch for inviting him to the live show. He also conveyed his sympathy towards the recent disastrous situation of COVID-19 pandemic all around the world.

Firstly, the guest started the talk by sharing his childhood memories when he used to spend the days in his hometown. He also talked about his interest to study Engineering after getting rejected from the ISSB of Bangladesh Army with a red card and also shared his story of joining American International University-Bangladesh as a student. Then he portrayed his activities during his university life along with the kind of hard work a particular student should display for achieving their respective goals. He also shared his story of getting an opportunity for his Ph.D. program in South Korea. and also guided the viewers about how they should carry the proceedings along with the kind of preparations they should take into account before applying to a Ph.D. program.

Then he discussed the importance of getting involved with volunteering for the students and how volunteering would help someone to build up new skills, opportunities to meet new people, including the extra advantage it provides to the professional life. He also mentioned that IEEE is a big platform to work professionally and for building skills with excellence which would take someone to the next level for achieving their success. He also notified the audience that how participating in extra-curricular activities helped him a lot and how all the IEEE achievements made it easier for him to get the opportunity of studying abroad. He also shared that prioritizing was an important matter to manage time between studies and co-curricular activities. Mr. Nasim also shared his experience as a Chairperson of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch and as the Advisor of IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society AIUB SB Chapter along with the multiple awards that were achieved during that period. He emphasized the necessity of teamwork and the effort of the whole team which had brought all the successes during his time. He also motivated the current volunteers not to think about the awards but to carry on with some unique ideas for achieving something big in the future.

After that, Mr. Nasim participated in a quick game of rapid-fire where the host asked him a series of questions in a quick manner. To make the show more interactive, questions had been taken from the audience throughout the show and the guest also answered those professionally. After that, he expressed his gratitude towards his well-wishers for their support and guidance which brought him to his current position. In the end, the host concluded the show by thanking the viewers for watching the show and also informed them regarding the upcoming episode of the live show. The show was a successful one with a huge response of 3800+ live views and 8500+ views in total.