On 15th October 2018, IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group in association with IEEE AIUB Student Branchsuccessfully organized a workshop on Graphics Design for Women in Engineering at American International University – Bangladesh. The workshop encouraged women to learn and gather more skill in graphic designing. The workshop mainly focused on some of the basic designs and uses of different types of tools in Adobe Photoshop CC. The workshop was carried out by Ms. Rani Ellen V. Ramos, Animation lecturer, Animation Program – MMC Department, AIUB.

The inauguration speech for the workshop was delivered by Prof. Dr. A.B.M Siddique HossainDean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB; Advisor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch, who was pleased to see that IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group organized a very effective workshop for the women studying in engineering. He also discussed how effective this workshop will be for the participants who intend to build a career in the IT industry of the country. In addition to this, he discussed the history and progress of modern-day graphics designing in Bangladesh as well as elaborated on how IEEE always promotes technology and women empowerment in the field of engineering. Lastly, he discussed the IEEE WIE Affinity Group and its inception in Bangladesh.

The instructor of the workshop, Ms. Rani Ellen V. Ramos, started by introducing herself and the Animation Program, MMC Department, AIUB. She explained how the designing industry as of today is still a male-dominated field and how women should make their impact in this field. The tasks in the workshop were carried out in two segments. In the first segment of the workshop, the instructor showed some magazine cover and elaborated on various type of design elements. She helped the participants understand how they should design a magazine cover in Adobe Photoshop CC.

On the second segment of the workshop, she talked about various types of tools in Adobe Photoshop CC and also discussed the basics of designing (contrast, color, layer etc.). She further elaborated about the color combinations. Afterward, she instructed the participants step by step to create a magazine cover with their own creativity. At the end of the session, Afra Nawar from the Department of CSE, AIUB, was announced as the winner for designing the best magazine cover. Later, the prize was handed to the winner by Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan, Director, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, Ms. Rani Ellen V. Ramos and Tasnuva TasneemMotivator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch, Coordinator, IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB.

In the closing session, Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan explained the importance and demand of graphic designing in modern times. He also talked about the importance of skills on graphic designing for every engineer. He finished his speech by thanking IEEE AIUB Student Branch along with IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group for organizing such a workshop. Following that, Nelson Pujante UdaundoAnimation Lecturer & Head of Animation Program, Department of MMC, AIUB, gave the closing speech. He stated that, even though the animation program is only taught to the students from the department of MMC at AIUB, students from all department and field should have the basic knowledge on designing and art to enhance their vision and creativity. In the end, crest and certificate were presented to Ms. Rani Ellen V. Ramos by Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan. A group photo with the participants was taken afterward which marked the end of the workshop.