Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S)

Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) AIUB SB Chapter

The Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) is one of the IEEE’s premier and oldest Societies that has a unique status in the hardware-oriented professional community for more than 64 years and extended over the entire 10 regions of the IEEE. With more than 11,000 members, 152 joint or professional chapters, and 40 student branch chapters, MTT-S is the largest and most vibrant technical profession society in the field of RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and terahertz sciences and engineering.

The IEEE MTT-S American International University-Bangladesh Student Branch Chapter is the first MTT-S Chapter to be formed within the IEEE Bangladesh Section.  The official date of formation of IEEE IA-S AIUB SB Chapter is 2nd November, 2015. The Chapter frequently arranges seminars, tutorials, and workshops on scientific, technical, and industrial activities.

The MTT-S Chapter Chair, Nasim Al Islam, B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (AIUB),  is a great motivator for the members of the Chapter. The IEEE MTT-S AIUB SB Chapter has strong communication with its members by maintaining up to date groups in social networks.

On 25th May, 2016, IEEE MTT-S AIUB Student Branch Chapter organized a seminar on “Research and Prospects of Microwave Engineering: From Designers Perspective”. This seminar was organized to inspire engineering students to pursue a career as a researcher in the field of Microwave Engineering. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Sagar K. Dhar, PhD Student, iRadio Lab, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada; for delivering the keynote speech. The seminar included an insightful presentation, an interactive question and answer session with the speaker, amongst other sessions. We would like to thank all the IEEE AIUB Student Branch members and also the non-members for their presence during the seminar.

MTT-S Seminar 1 (5)

Detailed event report coming soon, stay tuned!

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Executive Committee


Nasim Al Islam

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB
Zobair Ahmed Khan

Zobair Ahmed Khan

Ahmad Sakib Sadman

Ahmad Sakib Sadman

Vice Chairperson
Moin Uddin

Moin Uddin