IEEE AIUB Student Branch presents Seminar on “Education Robot Training & FANUC Industrial Robot”

On 24th September 2017, IEEE AIUB Student Branch organized a seminar on “Education Robot Training & FANUC Industrial Robot” in collaboration with BATTCO Engineering, Bangladesh and FANUC Corporation, Japan. FANUC has consistently pursued the automation of factories since 1956 when it succeeded in the development of the SERVO mechanism for the first time in the Japanese private sector. FANUC contributes to the promotion of automation for customers, with the three pillars consisting of the FA Business Division, based on its basic technologies of NC and SERVO, the ROBOT Business Division and ROBOMACHINE Business Division which these basic technologies.  The seminar was very effective and very knowledgeable for enthusiasts in robotics who want to know more about the industrial applications of robots.

The opening speech was delivered by respected Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan, Head of Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, who discussed the necessity of robots for industrial applications. He also emphasized on how the influence of robots on large scale industries has increased the productivity of the manufacturing process and how it was able to overcome latest technological boundaries.

The speaker of the seminar, Mr. Lavanya Manchanda, Key Area Manager, FANUC India, took the stage and initiated his presentation with an introduction to the FANUC Corporation. Then he clarified how industrial automation works with a video demonstration. He also emphasized on various industrial applications of robots and their performance limitations with respect to their types of application. He discussed on how the corporation’s training centers train their employees to collaborate with the robots for a better work efficient environment. He also stated about their global networks operating at a large scale in different parts of the world. The session was concluded with an interactive question and answer session with the participants.

The closing speech was by respected Dr. M Tanseer Ali, Counselor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB, who appreciated the FANUC Corporation’s industrial applications. Later, a token of appreciation was given to the speaker, Mr. Lavanya Manchanda by Dr. M Tanseer Ali to which the seminar was concluded.