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IEEE EMBS provides wide area of services to the members which access to broadened network of community of their similar interests and give them a platform to habit their interest in use.

EMBS was formed in 1952 to consider “problems in biology and medicine which might be aided in solution by use of electronic engineering principles and devices.” This Professional Group on Medical Electronics, as it was called, grew steadily and expanded its area of interest.

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society benefits both humanity and its members by advancing medicine, biology, healthcare and well-being through the application of engineering and data sciences and technology

What is EMBS ?

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is the world’s largest international society of biomedical engineers. The organization’s 11,000 members reside in some 97 countries around the world. EMBS provides its members with access to the people, practices, information, ideas and opinions that are shaping one of the fastest growing fields in science.


IEEE EMBS is the leading publisher of original research in biomedical engineering. We have 11 technical journals and transactions, including the award-winning IEEE PULSE Magazine, which attracts a broad readership, with its general and technical articles. Check out the Journals and Publications of IEEE EMBS.


We sponsor several scientific conferences throughout the year. EMBS Conferences provide an opportunity for members and non-members to present and share research information, receive feedback, create networking and employment opportunities and learn about the emerging technologies that will influence future advances in biomedical engineering and healthcare technology. Visit the link to check the upcoming conferences.


EMBS identifies and recognizes the accomplishments and technological excellence of our members. This helps to demonstrate to the world—and educate the public about—the importance of Biomedical Engineering while creating interest in the profession as a career. Visit the link to check the procedure for application in different awards and recognition.